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Third Annual Veterum Sapientia Conference for Priests, Seminarians, and Religious to be held at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. this August 2-8.

The program is called Veterum Sapientia, named after the Apostolic Constitution Saint John XXIII signed on the high altar of St. Peter's defending and promoting the study of Latin by seminarians. VS is intended for intermediate to advanced students of Latin, the minimum being two semesters of seminary Latin. It will also be conducted entirely in Latin (or almost, depending on the skill level of participants). Through activities, conversation, and games the full-immersion experience helps participants transition from a passive knowledge of Latin to an active command, helping one to enter into the language more completely. For priests, that means entering more deeply into Latin prayers, sacraments, and ecclesial texts, helping them "sentire cum Ecclesia." Naturally, many are nervous about speaking Latin, especially at first. Noli timere! We are offering two tracks: those speaking Latin for the first time and a more advanced group. Many are amazed how quickly they find themselves beginning to hold conversations entirely in Latin just after a few days. Cost is $150. More information and registration can be found here: