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Text of the Mass of the Latin Rite (Both Forms)
Text of the Ordinary Form (Mass of Paul VI / Novus Ordo Missae)
(Source is Fr. Dylan Schrader's web site at Ipsissima Verba )
Text of the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass / Tridentine Mass)
(Source is Resources for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass )

Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation Guide:
    a as in father
    ae as ey in they
    e (when closed in by consonants) as e in met
    e (at the end of a syllable) as ey in they
    i as i in machine
    o as o in note
    oe as ey in they
    u as oo in boot
    y as i in machine
    j as y in yes
Consonants before ae-e-o-i-y:
    c as ch in chain
    cc as tch in match
    sc as sh in sheep
    g as g in gentle
Consonants in other cases:
    c as c in cot
    cc as cc in accord
    sc as sc in tabasco
    g as g in go
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